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To Our Guests, Our Friends:


Thank you for supporting our family business at Cork & Saber. We realize that you have a selection of retailer’s to choose from and we appreciate your trusting us with our expertise and integrity to bring you a wine experience and care that only you can get through Cork & Saber.

Our company is a labor of love that we are excited to share with you as we roll out our online retail wine shop. In addition to our online store, and as part of our business- we are offering a service that you can’t seem to get anywhere else, and that is a personal approach to educate our guests about wine if you are just starting out,  or you are a master collector and are looking to grow your cellar.

We look forward to working closely with you and the offerings we can provide you and your loved ones. Celebrating life’s moments together through our selection we bring to you.  

Champagne is poetry written by light, captured in a bottle, preserved by a cork and set free by a saber.


Cheers &  Love,

Meredith & Aaron Driver

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