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Let's Talk About Wine

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

By: Aaron Driver

Wine 101

What is it about wine that has people interested for over 2000 years? The way it tastes or smells? How its made? How it makes us feel? It’s a complex beverage that has the magic power to trans

port us to different places and times in our lives or the lives of others; The same way that great art can make us feel. But like art, often times it is the people who are most passionate about it: the makers, sellers and other ‘experts’ are the very people to turn those off that have just started to scratch the surface of their own journey they are about to experience. Making it pretentious and off-putting.

At Cork & Saber, the way that I talk about wine, is the same way that I talk about life, friends and passion. If you subscribe to the idea that wine is art, it is my opinion that wine only becomes art once you have cracked the bottle, sniffed, swished and swallowed your first taste. Until that time, that bottle of wine is just potential. The potential of agony or ecstasy, love or hate, enjoyment or frustration. The potential of enriching our lives with your loved ones and celebrating with a fantastic bottle or tossing it in the recycle bin.

Like all other art, crafts and trades there is a whole language of wine. What do the words: 'dry,' 'Tannic/tannins,' 'Bordeaux' or 'trockenbeerenauslese’ mean? What is decanting? Where does Red Wine get its color from? Does the kind of wine glass matter? What are those little crystals in the bottom of my bottle of white wine that just came out of the fridge?  And thousands of other questions each with answers that deepen and enrich the wine drinking experience.

In our Wine 101 segment, Cork & Saber along with some of the best and brightest in the industry, will help to answer your questions and give you the tools to enjoy wine on a deeper level and begin to describe the style of wine you are looking for.

Join us as we take you on a educational journey bringing you the "fun"

-damentals of wine to your table! So you can be the expert of your own tasting.

Stay tuned for the next installment...

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