The Cork Conservatory Wine Club Membership

The Cork Conservatory Wine Club Membership


Welcome to The Cork Conservatory Wine Club. This exclusive Wine Club is available for interested members for $150 a month which includes shipping.


In this monthly subscription you will receive:


  • In your monthly shipment you will receive 3-4 bottles of Sommelier curated selections.

  • Professional tasting notes

  • Member of the Saber Social Club Virtual Wine Experience

    • A virtually hosted event with Aaron Driver, Owner of Cork & Saber and Joshua Orr, Master Sommelier. Dates will be vary by month.

  • First access to allocated wines.

Should members be interested in purchasing additional wine, a date will be posted on the materials of when the last shipment order can be placed so we can properly order the wine. Shipping rates apply on orders outside of the wine club. Please refer to the Shipping Policy to find out more. 

Wine memberships will be auto-renewed the 1st of the month and wines will be shipped out by the 15th of that same month. If members choose to skip a shipment or cancel membership, Cork & Saber must be contacted by the 15th of the prior month. 


Wine club charges are a flat $150 (includes shipping) + tax.